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HINDU Editorial is the favorite among the devotee of MBA but its online version is not free. But now you can e-paperread TOI, ET, Mumbai Mirror online without any cost. All those who are preparing for MBA knows the importance of reading ET (Economic Times) but cannot afford its weekend edition as it is expensive. After all we are not earning that hefty pay (af-course not all).  You can also surf the archive. Now there is no need to keep the cutting of your favorite article; you can mark it as your favorite or can keep it in your google notebook or one-note.

Here is the link:   E-PAPER

Just select your paper and city and just go inside and surf it online. Select your paperCity whose edition you see are: DELHI, MUMBAI, CHANDIGARH, KOLKATA, BANGALORE, AHMEDABAD, LUCKNOW, HYDERABAD, PUNE, CHENNAI, GOA, JAIPUR, NAGPUR.

Just click on the article and you will get the quick view at your doorstep. You can mark it favorite, email it or print it for your reference. You can also see the newspaper view which will be in image format. Quick view is in textual format.Economic Times

You can also search the issues with keywords, change font-size and page-size accordingly.


I already started collecting my favorite editorial editions by shashi tharoor. So what are you waiting for. Don’t wait to exploit this free opportunity. When you are spending money on internet then why to use it in buying the hard copy of it. Use it for buying others.

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