Essay Writing Tips for XAT

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Dec 22nd, 2010
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XAT Essay WritingWhat is looked for in XAT Essays?

  1. Subject knowledge
  2. Clarity of thought
  3. Flow of ideas
  4. Examples
  5. Facts
  6. Correct usage of grammar
  7. Correct usage of words
  8. A neat hand-writing

How should you write a XAT essay?

  1. Always write in paragraphs
  2. It’s not a natural but learned skill
  3. Different paragraphs express different ideas that contribute to the main idea
  4. A paragraph should ideally contain :
  • Topic Sentence: it is the 1st sentence expressing the main idea of the paragraph- Say what you are going to say
  • Supporting Sentences: they expand the main idea expressed in the topic sentence- Say it
  • Concluding Sentence: rounding off what has been said or a logical conclusion of the idea in the topic sentence- Say it again!!!

Precautions while writing XAT essay?

  • Follow a flow of paragraphs
  • Always let the first paragraph be an introduction to the subject matter
  • Expansion/ support/ refutation of the idea must follow in subsequent paragraphs
  • The last paragraph must have a conclusion of the main idea
  • There could be two forms of writing- Deductive and Inductive
  • You should have good knowledge of the topic to write about
  • Read the directions carefully
  • Recognize action words- discuss, evaluate, argue, comment etc.
  • Focus on the issue rather than peripheries
  • Choose words with precise meanings; avoid ambiguity
  • Do not use Jargon
  • Do not use Slang
  • Do not use Cliché
  • Do not use Abbreviations
  • Do not use Quotations without acknowledgments
  • Make tentative statements; avoid definitive statements- it leaves a scope for further discussion

Where to prepare for XAT essay ?

  1. Regular reading of: Newspaper editorials, News papers, News websites & Non-fiction article etc
  2. Discussions with friends and family
  3. Informational thinking

XAT Essay topics from XAT-1999 to XAT-2010

Source: Written by experts of CL on Career Launcher’s CAT Blog. If you want to know more then go CL’s Blog.

Xat Essay

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