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By Gaurav
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Sep 11th, 2008

Though I have given these files in the combined section of GK material but if still anyone of you want specific files for IRMA enterance exam, which focuses on Rural Programs; then here are the pdf files which I think will be sufficient enough to crack them.

1) FILE 1 (CL Material)

2) FILE 2 (CF)

3) FILE 3

4) FILE 4 (Sample Paper of GK Section)

5) FILE 5 (Key of Sample Paper)

Update: IRMA GK 2010 Ebooks are present in our download box. Click here

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91 Responses to “Download IRMA GK material”

  1. ankiee says:

    please put in some info about the ngo’s in india. their leader, working areas…

  2. anany says:

    plz send me requred material for irma and tiss gk and the sample papers of both of last ten years

  3. Mayank says:

    good work.. all through..really helpful..:)

  4. Mayank says:

    it wud be great if u hav and can send last year irma paers…

  5. amit says:

    hi please send me the sample papers of irma, tiss, delhi school of social work and other exams related to social working program

  6. SUMIT SEHGAL says:

    sir,can u please mail me the important questions on social reform of irma which could be asked, i vl be very thankful to you . thanks once again for the wonderful site..

  7. sejal purabiya says:

    plzzz send me privious year pepar of irma.

  8. ashu says:

    nice work ..boss..:) pls sir mail latest irma paper..

  9. umakanth says:

    hi guys..are these gk materials enough for 2012 irma exam as well??plz leave a reply..can u plz upload latest papers…

  10. umakanth says:

    ok thanks gaurav,

  11. ashu says:

    gaurav ,please suggest any gud sites that help fo rpreparing irma exam…

  12. kanak says:

    plz send me the previous year paper of irma (2010and 11)

  13. kashyap says:

    sir, your site is superb….can u please send the gk of 2012…for irma…

  14. ankit says:

    sir, plz send important gk for irma 2012….

  15. Tharun says:


    Please send me the previous IRMA papers(2011/10/09/08) and also the latest GK material.

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