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25 Free Online English Dictionaries and Thesaurus

By Gaurav
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Dec 3rd, 2008

25 Free Online English Dictionaries and Thesaurus

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3 Responses to “25 Free Online English Dictionaries and Thesaurus”

  1. sonum says:

    how to solve rc within time as it takes mor time for me

  2. sonum says:

    can any one plz help me with some previus exam papperof tiss/

  3. gaurav says:

    First of all solving RC within time is very subjective. I think your question is how to solve RC faster than others? If yes, then I’ll say don’t compete with others while solving an RC, always compete with yourself i.e try to make coordination of your eyes with your grasping speed, don’t read faster than your mind can grasp and if in case you are in a habit of reading a statement twice then slow down your reading speed and work on your grasping speed, and keep looking at your progress. You will surely find it beneficial. Overall main problem among students is that their grasping speed is slow that is why their RC speed is slow. Furthermore, I’ll repeat the cliche – Read, Read and Read more is the only mantra to increase your reading and grasping power. If you are searching for some organized tips on solving RC fast then you can give a look to Arun Sharma’s Verbal book or can find a good partner at pagalguy (the forum) or a friend who too is preparing for MBA….

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