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By Deep Jain
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Jan 25th, 2011

Our daily newspapers are filled with scams news. Have you ever given a thought there are so much corruption cases in India? Are anti corruption bodies India ineffective or our system is full of loopholes where anybody can dare to do a scam. In this article I’ll cover a youtube video & excellent report from Times of India so that you can have good content before facing any GD topic related to corruption.


  1. No jurisdiction over politicians, only bureaucrats
  2. No power to register criminal cases. It deals only with vigilance or disciplinary matters
  3. No direct power over departmental vigilance wings. It mostly forwards corruption complaints to them and keeps sending reminders
  4. Supervisory powers over CBI have made little difference as CVC can’t call for any file or issue directions to the agency


  1. Manned mostly by officials from within same department, on temporary basis
  2. Since each wing is under direct control of head of department, can hardly probe any senior official of that department.
  3. Even otherwise, in complaints against senior colleague, vigilance officer might hesitate as he could be posted later under the same person
  4. No jurisdiction over politicians and no power to register FIRs against anybody. Can only deal with disciplinary proceedings


  1. Though it can book cases against bureaucrats and politicians, CBI’s independence compromised as it comes directly under Centre’s control
  2. Government control leaves it vulnerable to charges of investigations being politically motivated
  3. Since it is overburdened, CBI does not accept cases unless amount involved runs into crores
  4. Cannot book cases against officers above the rank of joint secretary without prior sanction from their department

Similar structural deficiencies lead to impunity for corruption at the state level

For full report click here

Further on  40-year-old proposal Lokpal bill to probe political corruption

1. The common man cannot approach the Lokpal directly. They will have to address their complaints to the Speaker of the House, who will forward this to the Lokpal if he deems fit.

2. Lokpal can only deal with members of Parliament and ministers. Its authority does not extend to government officials.

3. The commission will comprise three retired judges, who will be selected by members of Parliament and ministers, including the prime minister, all of them people whom it might have to investigate when there are complaints.
4. Defence deals are outside its purview.
5. However, the most astonishing part is that while the Lokpal is powerless to punish a corrupt MLA, it can impose severe punishment on the complainant if the complaint turns out to be ‘frivolous’!
“The Bill, if it comes into force, will do away with whatever independence our vigilance authorities have,” Mr Kejriwal said. “It completely insulates one agency from another, and the investigation has to be exclusive. Without cooperation between agencies, investigations will definitely go down under. This is the government’s attempt to become as invincible as possible.”
For full Report  Click Here
Arvind Kejriwal  & Kiran Bedi take on CVC,CBI, Lokpal Bill & corruption in India

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